hey guys, i’m so sorry to be asking for help like this when i know that everyone else has troubles too, but i’ve started a gofundme to help pay for my hospital bills from my psych ward trip after i attempted suicide last month. even if you can’t donate, signal boosting or even good thoughts would be much appreciated; thank you so much! 

hi, i’m jae, and i’m a queer nonbinary demigirl who was diagnosed with clinical depression in december of 2011; after struggling with it for two and a half years, with no help besides antidepressants, i attempted suicide in june of 2014. thankfully, 911 was alerted, and i was taken to the emergency room, after which i was transferred to a psych ward, where i spent 6 days in almost complete isolation from the outside world. i was officially diagnosed bipolar and am now getting the treatment i need. 

unfortunately, my hospital bill came in at a whopping $5000, none of which i have. i also need to pay for my psychiatrist, my therapist, and my new medications, none of which are cheap. if i don’t get this professional help, i will once again fall into my old ways, and will become suicidal again. 

i don’t have much to offer in reward, other than the alphabet bracelets i make, and know that i will be forever grateful for anything you can donate and forever in your debt. if you can’t donate, signal boosting or even just good thoughts are appreciated beyond belief. 

thank you so much!

if you’re not comfortable donating through gofundme you can also donate via paypal to julia.cbjnperez@gmail.com

guys, this is nerdyixing/glitteryixing/lushifer, you know them, i know them, keep them safe!

What body mods [piercings and/or tattoos] do you have, if any? c:

just the ones on my head! 4 lobe piercings (two each), 4 cartiledge piercings (two top of shell on one ear, two mid-ear on the other), and my septum for a total of nine. that’s all!



Smiling Dominants


So many pictures of Dominants without a smile on their face. I get the whole ” I am a serious Dominant and not to be trifled with” thing, but damn sourpuss we are here because we want to be not because we are forced. If you are forced to be Dominant then evidently you aren’t. The scary ones are those that can smile and still let you know they are “a serious Dominant”.

Yes I smile. I am enjoying the fuck out of life in my Dominant role. Catch me during a scene and there is a twinkle in my eye, a maniacal grin on my face and a dance in my step. I am higher than any drug will get you. That smile on my face in the photo op with my slave? Pure pride. I own a beautiful slave both inside and out. I am happy to be her Master. I smile. Chatting with me in a social setting? I must be having a good time since we are laughing and joking. I smile. Have you ever tried not to smile and laugh at the same time? Good luck with that.

I am Dominant and I smile. Beware. :)

i wanted to show off my new bra~

haha you look like a wild ghost
cute bra, cute boobs!!!!

i wanted to show off my new bra~

haha you look like a wild ghost

cute bra, cute boobs!!!!

Hello! I just wanted to say that I really like your blog. It is not only full of sexy things, but the body positivity, variety of people, and serious stress on consent make me so warm and happy inside. Does my heart real good. So here's me wishing that you someday make lots of money and have the chance to buy all that pretty glam stuff you like so much. I hope you get golden handcuffs. I wish the best for you and all your other followers. Blessings and warm feelings all around.

haha! if only i was the kind of dom that demanded tributes from devotees, right? buy me erotic jewelry, followers!

thank you though! i’m glad it makes people feel happy and healthy!!!

If you're interested you should look up early modern cuckolding traditions it is hella weird. It's been a while since I researched it (history degrees are the best) but I have vague memories of cuckolded men being made to ride round backwards on a donkey and get hit with wooden spoons and stuff it was intense.


wiki cuckold

i was just doing that… humans are INCREDIBLY weird…

where does the word ‘cuckholding’ come from